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Hazelnut Heaven Scented Candle

Hazelnut Heaven Scented Candle

Embark on a sensory journey that whisks you away to the heart of a charming bakery! This extraordinary candle boasts an enchanting fusion of nutmeg and spice, interwoven with the rich, buttery essence of freshly baked cookies. With its divine aroma, Hazelnut Heaven is a timeless classic and our reigning favorite among dessert-inspired scents. Prepare to indulge in the sweet symphony of fragrance that is our Hazelnut Heaven Scented Candle–the ultimate treat for your senses.

  • Top Notes: Citrus Ginger
  • Middle: Molasses, Sugar, & Cinnamon
  • Base: Vanilla, Clove, Nutmeg, Chestnut, Butter

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